[5KU] 95mm Warden Dummy Silencer W/ Sprit Fire Tracer Unit[FDE][-14mm CCW]

Item No.: AA#14626

Factory Code: BBP-217-T

Brand: 5KU

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[5KU] Warden Dummy Silencer W/ Tracer Unit[FDE] 

  • 5KU has modified their SF Style WARDEN Silencer with spitfire tracer Unit
  • The Spitfire unit can attach other  dummy silencer,
  • Using the High Power UV LED Bulbs
  • Fully Charged battery can be last for 30,000rds
  • Rate of fire can be over 30rof per second.
  • Built-in Battery and charge with USB Cable.
  • Fast Charge available: 5mins for 1000rds
  • will be switch off automatically if the device is not in use for over 40mins
  • suggest to recharge the device 3months a time for saving the battery life.


  • Part No.:BBP-217-T
  • Colour: Flat Dark Earth
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 210g*
  • Tracer Unit Threaded Type: -14mm Counter Clockwise CCW

Package Contents:

    1. Tracer Unit x 1pc
    2. Warden Suppressor Housing x 1set
    3. USB Charger x 1pc