[5KU] KC QD Silencer with Flash Hider MK18[CCW, -14mm]

Item No.: AA#01672

Factory Code: 5KU-101

Brand: 5KU

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[5KU] KAC Style QD Silencer with Flash Hider[For M4 AEG / GBB Series][CCW, -14mm]

  • For M4 Series Rifle.
  • Knight's type quick release (QD) design silencer.
  • Full metal made silencer.
  • Direct attachment with flash hider (No flash hider included).
  • Quick detach QD function.
  • Part No.: 5KU-101
  • Flash Hider Thread: -14mm Counter Clockwise
  • Weight: 270g*
  • Material: Steel for Flash Hider, Alloy Metal for Silencer
  • Compatibility: Any AEG with -14mm Thread.
    Package Contents:
    1. Silencer x 1pc
    2. Flash Hider x 1pc