[5KU] Recoil Spring Guide PRO[For Tokyo Marui 18C/17 GBB Series]

Item No.: AA#10215

Factory Code: GB-435

Brand: 5KU

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[5KU]Recoil Spring Guide PRO[For Tokyo Marui 18c/17 GBB Series]


  • Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Guide improves the realistic blowback kick and longevity for your Tokyo Marui  Model 17 GBB Pistol.
  • The spring guide is made from SUS Stainless Steel providing extreme wear resistance and optimum strength.
  • The back part of the spring guide features a ball bearing unit to prevent spring binding and improve efficiency.
  • Integrated onto the spring guide are two rubber buffers that help limit slide travel effectively controlling cycle rate and also increasing recoil feedback slightly. These buffers can be removed allowing full adjustability.
  • Cycle rate and blowback can be adjusted by using 1 buffer, 2 buffers, or no buffers at all.
  • The spring guide assembly comes pre-built from the factory with a high tension recoil spring.


  • Part No.: GB-435
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Compatibility: Tokyo Marui MODEL 17/18C Gas Blowback Series
  • Weight: 28g

Package Contents:

  1. Spring Guide x 1pc