[ACETECH] AT1000 Airsoft Tracer Unit

Item No.: AA#09735

Factory Code: AT1000


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[ACETECH] AT1000 Airsoft Tracer Unit


  • Acetech leverages the group technology to bring tracer unit to a different level.
  • Our AT1000 uses the patented circuit to be the brightest, and at the same time make the power consumption the lowest among the competitors.
  • AT1000 is the only solution to tracer unit.


  • Part No.:AT1000
  • Sustained ROF up to 1800 RPM.
  • Use of 4 AAA batteries lasting for over 100,000 rounds. (Battery Not Include)
  • Auto Power OFF.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Reverse 14mm thread.
  • FCC, CE and ROHS Certification

Package Contents:

  1. Tracer Unit x 1pc
  2. Bag x 1pc