[ACETECH] Brighter C Tracer Unit[-14mm CCW W/ +11 CW Adapter]

Item No.: AA#13609

Factory Code: PAT0500-B-001


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[ACETECH] Brighter C Tracer Unit[-14mm CCW W/ +11 CW Adapter]


    • ACETECH makes some of the best tracer units for both rifles and pistols. 
    • The Brighter C is a compact unit that ideally works with pistols, SMGs, or PCCs. 
    • Coming with 11mm CW threads, the tracer unit can thread on to guns with internal threading or you can opt to use its 14mm CCW thread adaptor for easy threading on to other guns. 
    • Features:
    • Supports Green Luminous BBs 
    • Supports Up to 35 Rounds Per Second 
    • Built-In Battery 
    • Fully Charged Battery Lasts Over 20,000 Rounds 
    • LED Power Indicator 
    • Cue Tone


    • Part No.:  PAT0500-B-001
    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Aluminium Housing
    • Length: 75mm x Dia. 32mm
    • Weight: 70 gm
    • Compatibility: -14mm Counter Clocwise Outer barrel or +11 Clockwise Pistol
    • Power(Muzzle Velocity):

    Package Contents:

    1. Tracer Unit x 1pc
    2. Adapter x 1pc
    3. USB Charging Cable x 1pc
    4. Instruction Manual x 1pc