[ACETECH] iTracer Set[Tracer/Chronograph/MOSFET]

Item No.: AA#10971

Factory Code: AC-ITRACER


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[ACETECH] iTracer Set[Tracer/Chronograph/MOSFET]


  • Integrating the functions of tracer unit, chronograph and multiple-round burst intelligent MOSFET
  • • Small and light, easy to carry and attach 
    • User-friendly interface with clear 128 * 32 OLED 
    • 4 display languages: English , Spanish, German and Russian 
    • 7 languages for user manual: 
    Printout: English, Spanish, Japanese 
    Electronic Version: German, Russian, Korean, Chinese 
    • User can unbind and rebind any iTracer CD with any iTracer Unit. Likewise, user can unbind and rebind any iTracer CD with iTracer SCU.

    *Suitable for: Airsoft guns (Battery-powered, Gas-powered, Spring-powered and Hybrid)


  • Part No.: AC-ITRACER
  • PoweriTracer Unit: AAA battery x 4 Commander Display: AA battery x 2
  • • Measure muzzle velocity (FPS/MPS), energy (Joule) and ROF (RPS/RPM) via iTracer Unit (14mm (-) negative thread). 
  • • Providing the last 25 records of muzzle velocity, energy, and ROF (rate of fire) 
  • • BB-counting function to countdown or count up. Parameters are settable. 
  • • The brightest tracer effect in the world 
  • • Power saving / standby / auto power-off modes 
  • • Settable Shooting Control Unit (SCU) for multiple (1~20) round burst. Easy to adjust parameter and swap multiple-round burst/ full auto mode. 
  • • Low ammo warning + AEG battery indicator + Low AEG battery warning
  • Weight: 380g

Package Contents:

  1. Tracer x 1pc
  2. MOSFET x 1pc
  3. Chronograph x 1pc