[AIP] Alumimiun Front and Rear Sight [Fiber] For WE PX4

Item No.: AA#13269

Factory Code: AIP005-WEPX4

Brand: AIP

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[AIP] Alumimiun Front and Rear Sight [Fiber] For WE PX4


    • Aluminum Construction.
    • Ideal aid to help you aim your target in low-light condition.
    • Glow in dark after exposure to light.
    • Suitable for Tokyo Marui / WE / HK3 PX4 GBB.
    • Self-installation is required, consult your local gunsmith if needed.
    • Part No.:¬†AIP005-WEPX4
    • Colour: Black, Yellow, Pink¬†
    • Compatibility:
    • Weight: 12g
    • Material:¬†Aluminum¬†
    • Yellow Fiber¬†Length: 2mm¬†
    • Yellow Fiber¬†Length: 1.5mm¬†
    • Red Fiber diameter: 2mm¬†
    • Red Fiber diameter: 1.5mm¬†

    Package Contents:

    1.  2mm Yellow Fiber x1pc
    2.  1.5mm Yellow Fiber x1pc
    3.  2mm Red Fiber x 1pc
    4.  1.5 mm Red Fiber x 1 pc