[AIP] Enhanced Loading Muzzle [Marui Model 17/26 GBB]

Item No.: AA#03102

Factory Code: AIP-GK-17

Brand: AIP

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[AIP] Enhanced Loading Muzzle [Marui Glock G17/26 GBB]


  • AIP Enhanced Loading Muzzle.
  • Made by plastic material.
  • This Enhanced Loading Muzzle is design to improve the durability of pistol.
  • As many round fired from the pistol, the stock loading muzzle will get old.
  • This part is important for loading each BB from the magazine after slide blow back.
  • Also increase the stability of each shot.
  • For Tokyo Marui Glock G17/26 GBB airsoft pistol.
  • Suitable for Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol.
  • Best in conjunction with all other upgrade parts.


  • AIP model no. - AIP-GK-17
  • Color - Gray
  • Weight - 12g*
  • Built material - Plastic

Package Contents:
      1) Muzzle x 1pc