[AIP] Fiber Optic Set [Red 2mm] [Green 1.5mm]

Item No.: AA#13244

Factory Code: AIP005-F

Brand: AIP

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[AIP] Fiber Optic [Red 2mm] [Green 1.5mm]


    • Optical Fiber Replacement
    • Design for Use With front sights / rear sights
    • Come With Four Fiber Optic (2x Green/ 2x Red)
    • Ideal aid to help you aim your target in low-light condition
    • Part No.: AIP005-F
    • Colour: Red and Green
    • Compatibility: any Fiber Sight with dia.: 1.5mm Hole
    • Weight: 15g*
    • Material: Fiber 
    • Red Length: 2mm
    • Green Length: 1.5mm 

    Package Contents:

    1. Red  x2 pcs
    2. Green x2pcs