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[Airsoft Innovations] XL Burst Banger Grenade

Item No.: AA#09361

Factory Code: ASIGRD-D-0014

Brand: Airsoft Innovations

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[Airsoft Innovation] XL Burst Banger Grenade


  • The XL Burst is Airsoft Innovation's new loud and proud simulation flashbang, except it doesn't flash, it does bang pretty loud though. Made from fully CNC machined aluminum, this impact-activated grenade begs to get tossed, and will survive any hardship you throw at it.
  • It only requires propane and dirt cheap burst elements. With a 125dBA bang, you'll know when it you hear it and it's definitely loud enough to distract your opponents.
  • Now Includes ONE XL Burst exclusive patch.


  • Part No.: ASIGRD-D-0014
  • Colour: Blue
  • Weight: 560g
  • Material: Plastic

Package Contents:

  1. Airsoft Innovation XL Burst Banger Grenade
  2. Grenade lubricant
  3. 2x Valve bands
  4. Disc elements
  5. Manual