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[Alpha Parts] Stock Pipe Ring Set [For PTW M4 Series]

Item No.: AA#07254

Factory Code: APARTS-PTW001A

Brand: Alpha Parts

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[Alpha Parts] Stock Pipe Ring Set [For SYSTEMA M4 PTW Series]


  • Alpha Parts Stock Pipe Ring Set for PTW M4 Series out there.
  • It's a metal pipe so you don't have to worry about the kick it'll be getting from shooting for long periods of time.


  • Part No.:  APARTS-PTW001A
  • Material: Aluminium Buffer Tube with Steel Buffer Cover
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility: Systema PTW, G&D DTW, Celcius CTW Series
  • Weight: 180g*
  • Length: 185mm

Package Contents:

  1. Buffer Tube x 1pc
  2. Pipe Ring x 1pc
  3. Buffer Tube Cover x 1pc