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[Angry Gun] DASM-S Dummy Silencer W/ 3 Prong Flash Hider[For Noveske N4 Devgru Build][FDE]

Item No.: AA#14418

Factory Code: AG-DASM-S-FDE

Brand: Angry Gun

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[Angry Gun] DASM-S Dummy Silencer W/ 3 Prong Flash Hider[FDE]


  • The Angry Gun DASM-S Silencer is a robust suppressor unit that will fit on any airsoft gun platform with a 14mm CCW threading.
  • The suppressor unit is attached to a 3 prong style flash hider, this is the perfect suppressor set for the 7.62 NATO style airsoft guns.
  • This kit is highly robust and has been cerakoted out of the box making it extra scratch resistant.
  • The rail is M-Lok compatible for all you accessory needs, the outer barrel is threaded in 14mm CCW, allowing for suppressors and/or tracers. 
  • Part No.:  AG-DASM-S-FDE
  • Colour: FDE
  • Material: Aluminium with Steel Flash Hider
  • Weight: 440g*
  • Compatibility: -14mm CCW Barrel Thread
Package Contents:
    1. Silencer x 1pc
    2. Flash HIder x 1pc