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[Angry Gun] Modular gas inlet Valve [For Any GBB Series]

Item No.: AA#13512

Factory Code: AGMGIV-WE

Brand: Angry Gun

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[Angry Gun] Modular gas inlet Valve [For WE ,VFC, GHK Gas Magazine]


    • Metal Construction
    • Prevent too much Gas(liquid) charge into the gas magazine
    • Improve the performance for any GBB pistol or rifle
    • Include Three-Piece Inlet Valve
    • Compatible for WE, VFC, GHK Gas Magazine
    • Part No.: AGMGIV-WE
    • Colour: Yellow 
    • Compatibility: WE,VFC,GHK Gas Magazine
    • Weight: 20g *
    • Material: Metal 
    • Length: mm 

    Package Contents:

    1.  gas inlet Valve x 3pcs