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[Angry Gun] SF216A Silencer w/ AT2000R Tracer [BLK]

Item No.: AA#13483

Factory Code: AG-SF216AT

Brand: Angry Gun

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[Angry Gun] SF216A Silencer w/ AT2000R Tracer [BLK]


    • The Angry Gun SF216A suppressor is a mock suppressor that is both rugged and used by many special operations forces and shooters around the world. 
    • The suppressor also comes with an ACETECH AT2000R tracer module inside! 
    • Part No.:  AG-SF216AT
    • Colour: Black 
    • Compatibility: AEG & GBB Airsoft Rifles 
    • Weight: 340 g 
    • Material: Metal 
    • Length: 160 mm 

    Package Contents:

    1.  Silencer  x1pc