[APS] Silencer Adaptor[For ASP ACP 601 Series]

Item No.: AA#08075

Factory Code: AC015

Brand: APS

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[APS] Silencer Adaptor[For ASP ACP 601 Series]

  • A.P.S. Silencer Adaptor for ACP601 GBB Pistol
  • This silencer adapter is made of metal
  • It is designed for ACP601 Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol
  • It has 14mm+ thread on one side connected to the outer barrel of our ACP601 Pistol and a 14mm - thread on the other side allow user to mount aftermarket airsoft silencer / flash hider.
  • It comes with a external cover so when the adapter is unused, you can cover the thread to enhance the beauty of your gun ?


  • Part No.: AC015
  • Compatibility: APS ACP 601 Series GBB
  • Material: Metal
  • 14mm+ change to 14mm-
  • Weight: 20.00g

Package Contents:

  1. Silencer Adaptor x 1pc