[APS] [Hakkotsu] CO2 Shell Charger [For APM50 Sniper Rifle]

Item No.: AA#06405

Factory Code: MC006

Brand: APS

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[APS][Hakkotsu] CO2 Shell Charger for APM50 Sniper Rifle


  • APS (Hakkotsu) CO2 Charger for APM50 Sniper Rifle.
  • CNC Metal Made.
  • CO2 refill Adapter for APM50 Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifle.
  • This charger is designed for charging CO2 into the APS 6mm Rechargeable Shells.
  • Comes with open/close valve.
  • The charger takes 2 x 12g disposal Co2 canister which is approx up to 20 charges of 6mm cartridge.
  • Takes 2 x 12g Disposal Co2 Cartridge.


  • APS model no. - MC006
  • Weight - 520g
  • Length - 157mm
  • Color - Black
  • Built material - CNC Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Shell Charger x 1set