[ARES] EMG Helios EV01 Medium ASG Magazine[55rds][BLK]

Item No.: AA#14721

Factory Code: EV-MAG-002-BK

Brand: ARES

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[ARES] EMG Helios EV01 Short ASG Magazine[40rds][BLK]

  • The EMG Helios EV01 Short Magazine is a first party magazine designed for the EMG Helios EVO1 and will fit in most ARES 'STRIKER' airsoft sniper rifles (except AS-01).


  • Part No.: EV-MAG-002-BK
  • Colour: Black 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 100g
  • Compatibility: MOST OF THE ARES STRIKER Airsoft ASG Sniper Rifle (Except AS01)
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 55rds

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1 pcs