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[Asura Dynamics] DTK 'Krinkin' Muzzle Brake[+24mm CW]

Item No.: AA#10685

Factory Code: AD-P-023

Brand: Asura Dynamics

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[Asura Dynamics] DTK 'Krinkin' Muzzle Brake[+24mm CW]

  • The DTK "Krinkin" created for Airsoft AK (both types - AKM, AK-74 and similar) which is made from steel.It works excellent as a flash hider as well as redirecting blast forward away from the shooter making it ideal for short barreled rifles.
  • Quality materials were chosen in addition to modern plating to reduce deformation and erosion during high rates of fire. Additionally the cone has been redesigned to reinforce critical features of the housing.
  • Maintenance is user friendly and can be done with common hand tools for cleaning purposes.


  • Part No.:AD-P-023
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Compatibility: Any Airsoft AK Barrel with +24mm Clockwise Barrel Thread.
  • Dia. of the Thread: + 24mm Clockwise

Package Contents:

  1. Muzzle Brake x 1pc