[BELL] GP25 AK 40mm Grenade Launcher for AK Series

Item No.: AA#12153

Factory Code: K-55

Brand: BELL

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[BELL][K-25] GP-25 Full Metal Granade Launchers For AK Series
  • D-Boys GP25 AK Grenade Launcher.
  • The GP-25 is Russian under barrel grenade launchers for the AK-series of assault rifle. First seen by the west in 1984 during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.
  • Full Metal Construction.
  • Military Type Airsoft Grenade Launcher for under barrel or standalone use.
  • Quick install and removing (Safety lock at right side).
  • Package Includes one 40mm Grenade Cartridge (VOG-25 style grenades) - Contain 6 slots & each slot can store 6 rounds of 6mm airsoft pellet for total 36rds capacity.
  • One shot can shoot out all 36 Rounds of 6mm Plastic Pellet.
  • Fit to mount on AK-74 Series Airsoft AEG Rifle.
  • D-Boys high quality product with low price.
  • Part No.: K-25
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 1920g (Full Package)*
  • Material - Full Metal Construction
  • Length - 290mm
  • Launcher Capacity - 1
  • Cartridge Type - 40mm
Package Contents:
  1. Launcher x 1pc
  2. Cartridges x 1pc