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[Blackcat Airsoft] DBAL-2 Laser Devices[Red Laser Ver.][DE]

Item No.: AA#11905

Factory Code: GKT-LAJCQ-05-DERD

Brand: Blackcat Airsoft

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[Blackcat] DBAL-2 Laser Devices[Red Laser Ver.][DE]

  • The Blackcat DBAL 2 style laser device is designed to be a compact laser device that comes with a bonus iron sight set mounted to the top of it.? The device also includes a switch for easy activation.??


  • Part No.: GKT-LAJCQ-05-DERD
  • Colour: Dark Earth
  • Weight: 190g
  • Compatibliity: 20mm picatinny rail
  • Material: Plastic Shell
  • Red Laser Power Output: 10mw

Package Contents:

  1. PEQ x 1pc
  2. Switch pad x 1pc