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[CN Made] LR Style Riser LT748 especially for Magpul CTR/MOE Stock [BLK]

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Factory Code: AA#00967

Brand: CN Made

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-It's fit the excellent PTS Magpul/ Magpul CTR/MOE butt stock without modification,
the RISR only takes a few minutes to install with a phillips-head screwdriver.
- The RISR is spring-loaded, and travels to the rear as the charging handle is moved to the rear.
When the charging handle is released, the RISR snaps forward (Please see the gif)

Material: Hard Plastic/ And Meatal for the installation Parts.
Suitable to: Magpul CTR/ Magpul PTS CTR Stock
Weight: 263g
Colour: BLK

Package Contents:
- Screws x 1set
- Riser x 1pcs