[CyberGun] Smith & Wesson M&P9 6mm GBB Airsoft Pistol Gun [Full Marking][TAN]

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Brand: CyberGun

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[CyberGun] Smith & Wesson M&P9 6mm GBB Airsoft Pistol Gun [Full Marking]
  • The real M&P is initially intended for law enforcement agencies only, though long available in the commercial market.
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  • It features a metal slide, polymer frame, slide release and slide catch lever, a textured grip, and three different sized back straps in Black, it provides really nice gripping even for big hands. Complete with a unique serial number. It also has adjustable BLACK grips for smaller hands as well! The most unique aspect about the M&P9 is that it can fire in full auto as well!
  • -?Metal slide , ABS Frame
  • - Length: 180mm
  • - Barrel Length: 65mm
  • - Magazine Capacity: 24rds
  • - Gas: Top Gas
  • - Power of Gun:290FPS
  • - Weight: 600g
Package Contents:
  • 1) Instruction Manual x 1pc
  • 2) Gun x 1pc
  • 3) Magazine x 1pc
  • 4) Adjustment Tools, and Grip Pads (See picture)