[CYMA] MK5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS

Item No.: AA#01146

Factory Code: CY-C.43

Brand: CYMA

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[CYMA][CY-C.43] MK5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS


  • The CYMA MP5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS is made to replace the outer barrel section and hand guard on the Cyma CM041.
  • This hand guard kit may work on other manufacturers brands MK5 but cannot be guaranteed by Airsoft GI.
  • This kit will give the MK5 more potential because of the rail sections.
  • The rails will allow the user to mount accessories like flash lights and vertical grips that will come in handy during play.
  • Manufacturer: Cyma
  • Design: MK5
  • Package Includes: outer barrel, RIS hand guard, vertical grip.
  • Weight : 590g*


Package Contents:
      1) Outer Barrel x 1pc
      2) Rail Guard x 1pc