[CYMA] Bulgaria Mid-Cap AK AEG Magazine[BLK][150rds]

Item No.: AA#04681

Factory Code: CY-C.105

Brand: CYMA

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[CYMA][C.105] 150rd Bulgaria Mid-Cap AEG Magazin [BLK]


  • -For those who don't like the stock AEG Magazine, but yet hate winding and the rattling from High Capacity Magazine
  • -These Mid Cap AK Magazines are specially designed for you 
  • -Revolution 150 Rds loading capacity
  • -Great for competition & skirmish airsoft game 
  • -No more magazine shaking which essential for intrusion during airsoft combat situation 
  • -Constructed of All Metal Housing
  • -Best accompanied with Loading Tool or Speed Loader 
  • -Suitable for 6mm Airsoft Plastic Pellet only
  • -Suitable for AK Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle


  • Part No.: CY-C.105
  • -Item Weight (gram): 180gm*
  • -Major Color: Black
  • -Loading Capacity: 150 Rounds
  • -Magazine suitable for: AK Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG
  • -Magazine Type: Standard
  • -Bullet Type: 6mm BB
  • -Manufacturer: CYMA

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1pc