[CYMA] Zentico Type DTK-2 Muzzle Brake[-14mm/24mm]

Item No.: AA#10295

Factory Code: CY-C.214

Brand: CYMA

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[CYMA]Zentico Type DTK-2 Muzzle Brake[-14mm/24mm]


  • The DTK-2 Muzzle Brake should make a lot of AK fans happy.
  • AD have released their replica of the Zenitco DTK-2 Muzzle Brake.
  • It will fit GHK GBBR AKs and E&L AEG AKs so it does not discriminate accommodating both factions!


  • Part No.: CY-C214
  • Weight: 160g*
  • Colour: Grey Colour (Better Remove the Coating by your own, it looks too Ugly indeed.)
  • Material: Steel
  • Compatibility: GHK GBB/ E&L AEG AK74MN, AK74UN, AKM, AK47, AK74
  • Barrel Thread: 24mm CW, with Adapter -14mm Counter-Clockwise
  • Thread Type: Clockwise for the Flash Hider(24mm), Counter Clockwise for Barrel Adapter(14mm)

Package Contents:

  1. Muzzle Brake x 1pc
  2. Barrel Adapter x 1pc