[DBoys] Hop-Up Chamber Set for AK Series AEG

Item No.: AA#06519

Factory Code: K-4

Brand: DBoys

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[DBoys][K-4]Hop-Up Chamber Set for AK Series AEG

  • D-Boys Hop-Up chamber Upgrade Parts.
  • This essential part for replace your airsoft electric gun original Hop-Up chamber.
  • This One-Piece chamber set do not increase the muzzle velocity or rate of fire but it increase the durability of your gaerbox.
  • Suitable for AK series airsoft electric gun AEG gearbox (Version 3).
  • Fit tightly to the barrel base to keep the chamber being centered.
  • Easy for installation.
  • Require expert on installing into stock AEG.
  • As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed.


  • D-Boys model no. - K-4
  • Weight - 160g*
  • Built Material - plastic
  • Suitable for - AK series AEG

Package Contents:

  1. Hop-Up Chamber x 1set