[E&C] 8mm Complete QD Transform M4 Gearbox Ver.2 [Front Wired][QD Spring]

Item No.: AA#04899

Factory Code: MP045A (Front)

Brand: E&C

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[E&C] 8mm Complete QD Transform M4 Gearbox Ver.2 Front Line[QD Spring]

  • "QD Transform" gearbox is a new generation gearbox with all the unique & great features of a STAR / ARES (QR gearbox) and Deepfire gearbox (Micro switch).
  • This gearbox has an unique shell, spring guide, selector plate, cut-off lever and trigger, all other parts are compatible with regular AEG Ver.2 8mm M4 gearboxes.
  • 2pcs 8mm ball bearings, 4pcs metal bushings.
  • Replaces all major brand M4 standard gearbox.
  • Version 2 gearbox with front wire.
  • Easy power upgrade system.
  • Quick release spring and spring guide for easy power adjustment / spring replacement.
  • Micro switch operation for shorter & better electric range.
  • Faster trigger response design.
  • Featuring "spring release" function.
  • Full metal reinforced chassis / gearbox with metal gear set.
  • Transformer gearbox will work with most AEG M4 Platforms (Modification may be required)


  • E&C model no. - MP045A (Front)
  • Weight - 500g
  • Compatibility: M4/M16 AEG Body
  • Gear Set: 18:1
  • Spring M110
  • Muzzle Velocity: 398fps

Package Contents:

  1. Gearbox 1 set