[E&C] Power Up Kit for L96 Type/MB01/MB05 Airsoft Sniper

Item No.: AA#04978

Factory Code: LP001

Brand: E&C

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[E&C] Power Up Kit for L96 Type/MB01/MB05 Airsoft Sniper

  • E&C Power Up upgrade set.
  • Power up kit for airsoft sniper rifle.
  • Plastic spring guide rod and piston (light weight design).
  • Suitable for Maruzen Type96, APS2, WELL MB-01, MB-04, MB-05, Echo1 ASR, Javelin M24, Snowwolf M24, Snowwolf M99, LRSA, Shadow Op sniper rifles, and other bolt action sniper rifles with Maruzen APS/APS2/Type96 internal systems.
  • Easy Installation and more than 20% power increase, up to 500-550 fps.
  • Includes Upgrade Spring, Upgrade Piston, Upgrade Spring Guide.
  • As always, upgrading Airsoft rifle require necessary skill & technique, consult expertise if needed.
  • Note: FPS measurements according to manufacturer data, actual results may vary.


  • E&C model no. - LP001
  • Color - White
  • Weight - 70g
  • Material - Plastic & Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Power-Up Kit x 1set