[Element] LMT Style Crane Stock with QD Sling Swivel [BLK]

Item No.: AA#00611

Factory Code: AA#00611

Brand: Element

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Item Description:
1) Material: Hard Plastic (Nylon)
Colourr: Available: Black
3) Weight: approx. 110g
4) Can be assembled into Mil Spec.(Real Steel)/ GBB/ AEG/Systeama PTW.
5) The Stock is marked in a real Trademarks.

Item Specification:
-Able to stock 6pcs Batteries (Model No.: 123a)/ 4pcs AA Batteries
-Cannot be store any AEG battery inside the Stock except modification.
-Weight Approx. 110g
-Mil spec tubes are able to install properly.

Package Includes:
- Crane Stock x 1pc
- Butt Pad x 1pc