[Element] Beretta M9 Pistol Under Rail Mount [BLK]

Item No.: AA#03696

Factory Code: PA0204

Brand: Element

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[Element][PA0204] Beretta M9 Pistol Under Rail Mount [BLK]

  • ABS polymer constructed.
  • Provide extension 20mm RIS under rail for Beretta M9.
  • For installing flashlight/laser in under rail position.
  • Attach to trigger guard area of the pistol.
  • Includes screws and nuts for installation.


  • Element SKU - PA0204
  • Color - Matte black
  • Weight - 34g
  • Rail length - 50mm
  • Rail type - 20mm
  • Gun suitable - Beretta M9 Series

Package Contents:
1) Rail Mount x 1pc