[Etiny] PTW Electronic Set[ECU, Selector Board, and MOSFET][For Systema M4 PTW Series]

Item No.: AA#07483

Factory Code: AA#07483

Brand: ETiny

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"6 Months Warranty, applied in this Product"

How to Applied?

1. ECU, and MOSFET has 6months Warranty based on our System Invoice time and date.
2. Those items must be returned to AsiaAirsoft(Hong Kong), for applying the Warranty.

3. Please contact us before you are sending those parts to us.

[Etiny] Eletronic Control Unit/Motor Set[For Systema PTW]

  • Available in PTW and CTW compatible trigger
  • Available in Full Auto, 3 Burst and Manual Mode
  • Programmable LED mode
  • Programmable low battery indicator
  • Compatible with PTW & CTW mosfet unit
  • High reliability
  • Moisture proofe
  • 35mm length high density design
  • Thicker PCB copper layer, larger current lower resistance
  • 16AWG heat resistant flexible wires from battery
  • 14AWG heat resistant wires to motor
  • High power mosfet
  • Compatible with PTW & CTW
  • Slip proof T plug


  • Compatibility: Systema PTW, G&D DTW, Celcius CTW, A&K ATW Traning Weapon Series
  • Weight: 80g**
  • Function: 3 around Brust and Single Shot


  • Weight: 80g**
  • Compatibility: Training Weapon Series

Package Contents:

  1. Switch Board x 1pc
  2. ECU Control Unit x 1set
  3. MOSFET X 1set
  4. Tplug? x 1pc