[FCC] Mini Deans Power Connector Set[Male & Female]

Item No.: AA#07439

Factory Code: AK-MDP-MF

Brand: FCC

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[FCC] Mini Deans Power Connector Set[Male & Female]

  • Deans connectors are most popular in use for airsofts today, thus Mini Deans?size connectors are Hi-End TW users most wanted.?BUT?we knew that Mini Deans might still be?a little?large for storing LiPo battery together in buffer tube completely, so we would like to solve this issue by introducing our Micro Deans?Connector Set (Micro T Plug). With?micro?size of (10.5?x?6?x?10)mm?tailor?made the most compact size for TW system buffer tube batteries storage, enhanced connecting plate for the best efficiency of electric current flow, enhanced heat resistance material isolate?housing constructed.?Heat strinks included. ?


  • Part No.: AK-MDP-MF
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility: Any Airsoft AEG Rifle
  • Weight: 10g

Package Contents:

  1. Mini Deans Power Connector x 1set