[FireFox] Battery 11.1V x 1200mAh [Long]

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Factory Code: AA#00790

Brand: FireFox

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Lithium-ion polymer cell (LiPo) is the successor of well-known lithium ion (LiIon) cell. The main advantage of LiPo batteries is undoubtedly the largest-capacity ratio. They have very small dimensions while maintaining a very high current efficiency, which allows to choose the appropriate package for virtually any AEG replica. They have no memory effect. Can be recharged very often, without the prior discharge. Frequent loading is beneficial for this type of battery.

Please note that the LiPo battery should not be discharged below 3V per cell, and should not be reloaded more than 4.2 V per cell. Another advantage of the LiPo battery is a small percentage degree of self-discharge. Not used per month package loses about 3-5% of energy. Package should be supervised, because the very long storage may lead to discharge below the minimum permissible value (3V per cell) and irreversible chemical reactions, which may cause deterioration of the properties of the package including the permanent damage, in extreme cases - the ignition. LiPo battery should be charged when average capacity reaches 70%.

With proper use, LiPo battery can hold average of 500-700 loading cycles. An important aspect is the temperature at which they can work. Unlike other batteries, LiPo cells do well at low temperatures. Should always be charged at room temperature. To maintain good health LiPo batteries should be in balanced while charging, good battery charger has a built in LiPo balancer.

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1) Battery x 1pc