[G&D] Fullset Controlling System Set for DTW/PTW/CTW [ECU & MOSFET][Latest Version]

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Brand: G&D

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[G&D] Fullset Controlling System Set for DTW [ECU & MOSFET][Latest Version]

  • -G&D Control Unit w/ ECU Full Set For DTW AR15
  • -Including Electrical Control Unit & ECU Mosfet Board
  • -Suitable For DTW AR15 Series
  • -Come with connecting wire set
  • -As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to
    dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed.


  • Compatibility: G&D-DTW, Systema-PTW, CTW
  • Weight: 70g

Package Contents:
1) MOSFET? with Wires x 1set
ECU IC x 1pc