[G&D] MOSFET Controlling System[2014 Ver.][For PTW & DTW]

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Factory Code: GD95204

Brand: G&D

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[G&D][GD95205] MOSFET Controlling System[For PTW & DTW]

  • New Generation in 2014
  • Smaller MOSFET, and Store at the Tube in the correct way
  • Able to store with 11.1v Tube Battery Type
  • Compelely compatible to Systema PTW/CTW AEG Gun,
  • Compatible Old Version or New Version DTW.
  • Get more durable during the power on.
  • Extra Wire Cable for fitting on PTW System
  • Contents, New Version MOSFET,


  • Weight: 65g
  • Compaibility: Systema PTW, G&D Old & New DTW, CTW
  • Power Output, 11.1V >15c Battery

Package Contents:
1)?MOSFET x 1pc
2) Wire Cable for DTW x 1pc
3) Wire Cable for Systema PTW x1pc