[GHK] AK74 GBB Gas Magazine[CO2 Ver.][50rds]

Item No.: AA#07060

Factory Code: GHK-CO2-GKS74U

Brand: GHK

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[GHK] AK74 GBB Gas Magazine[CO2 Ver.][50rds]

  • 50rd spare CO2 magazine for GHK AKS-74U GBBR. GHK GBBs have the sturdiness to withstand the kick of CO2 and it'll be much more than you expect so make sure you're well balanced before you decide to pull the trigger.
  • It is the Latest Version from GHK


  • Part No.:?GHK-CO2-GKS74U
  • Material: Metal with Plastic Shell
  • Loading Capacity: 50rds
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility: Any GHK AK GBB Series

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1pc