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[Idiot Tailor] U.S. Military Surplus Carabiners OLD Gen.

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Factory Code: TB-058

Brand: Idiot Tailor

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[Idiot Tailor] U.S. Military Surplus Carabiners


  • A genuine U.S. Army steel snap link carabiner.
  • These snap link were used by Airborne and Special Forces and were used for rappelling from helicopters or getting across rivers.
  • Even though its Post-Vietnam War dated 1977 it is identical to those used in the war, the spring back snap link is in working order, makers marks O.E.C with the date 1977 on one side, 'U.S.' on the other side. A rare item and very hard to find in the UK especially in working order and in this condition.
  • A great accessory to add to suspenders or rucksack.


  • Part No.: TB-058
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 180g*
Package Contents:
  1. Carabiner x 1pc