[5KU] PBS-1 Mini Airsoft AK Silencer[-14mm CCW/24mm CW]

Item No.: AA#09731

Factory Code: 5KU-148

Brand: 5KU

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[5KU] Mini PBS-1 Airsoft AK Silencer[-14mm CCW/24mm CW]


  • Metal Construction (Heavy Weight)
  • With Silencer Adapter (Fit 14mm Counter-Clockwise CCW Threaded Barrel - 24mm CW To 14mm CCW)
  • Foam inserted inner structure work as Silencer when shooting
  • Rigid construction for high end upgrade user
  • The PBS-1 was designed for AK47 / AKM Series Assault Rifle
  • Also be compatible with other AEGs that have the same thread.
  • Realistic detail on surface


  • Part No.: 5KU-148
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 40mm X 155mm
  • Weight: 500g*
  • Compatibility: -14mm Counter Clockwise, alternative barrel Adapter (24CW to 14CCW)
  • Material: Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Silencer x 1pc
  2. Silencer Adapter(24mm CW to 14 CCW)