[Madbull] Airsoft Stinger B.B. Shower (3 PACK, 24rds)

Item No.: AA#07638

Factory Code: MB-STINGER

Brand: Madbull

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[Madbull] Airsoft Stinger B.B. Shower (3 PACK, 24rds)

  • A neat package, which is excellent value for money, comprising of three BB Shower Shells that take 24 rounds in each. It includes three different coloured shells: red, blue and gold.


  • Part No.: MB-STINGER
  • Color - Red, Golden, and Blue
  • Weight - 188g for each (Total weight: 564g)
  • Size - 85mm height (40mm diameter)
  • Material - CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Filler - BB pellets, Paintballs, Colored Powder
  • Filler volume - max. 24 BB Pellets
  • Power source - HFC 134a or HFC22 top gas
  • Sound volume - 78-110dB
  • Effective distance - 20-30m

Package Contents:

  1. ?Grenade Cartridge x 3pcs