[Madbull] Delta P Design Brevis Suppressor[BLK]

Item No.: AA#13819

Factory Code: MB-DPD-BREVIS

Brand: Madbull

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[Madbull] Delta P Design Brevis Suppressor[BLK]

  • At Delta P Design, they believe in the adage that form follows function. Their products are requirement driven and they seek to best serve the end user by creating rather than competing. They provide concept development and prototyping services for both component level and large scale assemblies. Delta P Design delivers next generation solutions that work.
  • Madbull licensed the Brevis 5.56 mm suppressor because of its reputation as world class product and its unique sub-compact design.
  • made of durable aluminum alloy with a matte finish.
  • Its light-weight and easy-to-mount CCW threaded design make it perfect for short inner barrel extensions.
  • Features:
    - Licensed Trademarks
    - Stubby and compact
    - Solid one-piece construction
    - Matte finish
    - Perfect for short barrel extensions
    - Easy threaded CCW mount


  • Part No.:?MB-DPD-BREVIS
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 220g*
  • Length: 95mm
  • Compatibility: -14mm CCW Counter Clockwise

Package Contents:

  1. Suppressor x 1pc