[Madbull] JP Enterprise Rifiles Style Flash Hider[-14mm CCW]

Item No.: AA#12378

Factory Code: MB-JPFLAHIDER-01

Brand: Madbull

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[Madbull] JP Rifiles Style Flash Hider[-14mm CCW]

Madbull is a Hong Kong manufacturer specialized in CNC machining. Their manufacturing precision is world renowned with a very high level of quality and control. Thanks to their quality level they have got licenses of big American manufacturers like Daniel Defense, Noveske, JP Rifle or Spike Tactical.

  • Constructed by aluminum


  • Part No.:MB-JPFLAHIDER-01
  • Colour: Black
  • Barrel Thread Type: -14 mm CCW Counter-clockwise
  • Weight: 120g
  • Material: Steel

Package Contents:

  1. ?Flash Hider? x 1pcSIXmm (6mm)