[Madbull] Troy M4 Metal Body Ver.2 w/ self retaining pins and shortened stock tube[Troy Marking]

Item No.: AA#05460

Factory Code: AA#05460

Brand: Madbull

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The Madbull Metal Body is yet another example of Madbull's impeccable craftsmanship and another step towards expanding their already impressive line of upgrade parts. This Double Star metal body is CNC machined from T6 Aluminum with officially licensed trademarks. This metal body is compatible with other Madbull upgrade parts like their RIS hand guards, inner and outer barrels, and receivers. Additionally, Madbull has included their Ultimate Hop Up with the body, something that sells for $40.00 by itself. With the high quality of the parts and the overall package contents you can't afford not to upgrade your plastic body gun to this Madbull Metal Body and Ultimate Hop Up!

  • Original 3D design from scratch (not just copied from others)
  • T6 Aluminum material
  • Authentic trademark
  • Deep "CNC" trademark engraving (Not cheap laser engraving)
  • One world famous MadBull Ultimate Hopup ($40 USD value) with optional LED tracer function
  • Matte silver steel color pins (decorative)
  • Compatible with most TM, JG, CA, and Echo1 AR/ M4. (Small modification might be needed)
  • Compatible with all MadBull accessories, including handguard rails, outer barrels, Hop-up systems, inner barrels, and receivers

Weight: 600g
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
Finishing: CNC Cutting
Compatbility: Any M4 AEG Series (JG, G&P, DBOYS, KA, CA)

Package Contents:
1) Body x 1pc
Stock Tube x 1pc
3) Madbull Ultimate Hop-Up Unit x 1pc
4) Hard? x 1set
5) Manual x 1pc