[Madbull] Noise Maker [-14mm CCW]

Item No.: AA#03420

Factory Code: MB-NM

Brand: Madbull

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[Madbull][MB-NM] Noise Maker [-14mm CCW]
No, this isn't some prank made to fool you all; this item here, the Madbull Noise Maker is REAL.
Designed to allow you to attach PET bottles onto your AEG / GBB to act as an amplifier or
alternatively act as a silencer. Now you can hide in a bush somewhere and just stick a dirty
PET bottle out of the bush and wait for some poor unsuspecting victim to walk by!

The Madbull Noise Maker features a 14mm CCW thread and the adaptor fits most PET bottles,
though we suggest the usage of Coke bottles as well, they fit the most snugly.
It is illegal to make a PET bottle silencer in USA.

Screw Thread: Counter Clockwise
Dia of Thread: 14mm
Material: Metal
Weight: 12g

Package Contents:
1) Noise Maker x 1pc