[Madbull] 60 Degree Normal Shark Hopup Bucking [Blue]

Item No.: AA#03344

Factory Code: RB60

Brand: Madbull

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[Madbull] 60 Degree Normal Shark Hopup Bucking [Blue]
60 degree rubber is softer than normal 80-90 degree rubber.
It is much easy to install and operate the softer rubber bucking.
The B.B. will shoot out easy without any problems such as double-feeding.

Included are: 2x rubber hopup bucking and 2x fishbone spacers. Designed for regular AEG maintenance.

Material: Silcone, Rubber
Compatibility: any AEG Series
Hardless: 80~90 Degrees

Package Contents:
1) Hop-Up x 2pc