[MadDog] 6mm BB PP Plastic Bottle [Capacity: 3000rds]

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Factory Code: AA#04519

Brand: MadDog

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[MadDog] 6mm BB Bottle [Capacity: 3000rds]

  • Durable FDA PP Hard plastic construction.
  • Maximum store up to 2300 round BB.
  • White color transparent BB bottle with secure caps.
  • Bigger and Smaller Cap can be filled 6mm Easier two High-Cap magazines or BB Loaders (See the Pictures)


  • Color - White
  • Material: FDA Approved PP Plastic
  • Weight - 70g
  • Height - 150mm x 80mm (H x Dia)
  • Capacity: 3000rds

Package Contents:
1) Bottle x 1pc