[MadDog] Full Metal AEG M4 Receiver/Body Engraved Logo [Skull][BLK]

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Brand: MadDog

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[MadDog] Full Metal AEG M4 Receiver/Body Engraved Logo [Skull][BLK]

Material: Metal (Aluminium)
Weight: 450g
Wire Setup: Able to plug-out the wire at the rear/ Front
Compatible to?any Version 2 Gearbox without any modification (Marui/ CA/ KA/ DBOY/ CYMA/ Others....)

**Installation Guide Book** are Also included in the Package**

Package Contents:

  1. Upper/Lower Receiver
  2. Steel Front & Rear Knob Pin
  3. Steel Multi Magazine Catch (Anti)
  4. Trigger Guard
  5. Bolt Release spring
  6. Shock Buffer X 2
  7. Cocking Handle
  8. Badger Ordnance Latch
  9. Steel Anti-Rotational Pin
  10. Steel Fixed Bolt of Body
  11. Steel Ejector Window
  12. Steel dust cover
  13. Steel Selector
  14. Steel bolt release
  15. Steel Forward assist
  16. etc....... (Please look at the pictures)