[MadDog] KAC M4 Power Up Silencer Suppressor W/Flash Hider[-14mm]

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Factory Code: AA#04494

Brand: MadDog

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[MadDog] Power Up Silencer W/Flash Hider[For Any -14mm Barrel]

  • The origin Barrel's Length must be coming shorter than Outer Barrel (Please see the Pictures)
  • Able to Power-Up your Gun instantly and Easy to attach on your gun.
  • Quick release function is included on this silencer.
  • - Quick mount / detach system
  • - Built-in inner barrel extension (with Spring In order to steady the extended barrel in the right position)
  • - 20mm rail for additional accessories
  • - Silencer Overall Length: 1650mm
  • - Silencer Diameter: 150mm
  • - Extended Barrel Length: 1650mm, with Steel Precision 6.03
  • - Suitable for [WE, WA, VFC, KWA M4 with -14mm Outer Barrel]
  • - Weight: 360.00g
Package Contents:
1) Silencer x 1set