[MadDog] Telfon and Silcone Grease Lubricants Set [For Cylinder, Gears]

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Brand: MadDog

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[MadDog] Telfon and Silcone Grease Set
The Maddog Grease Set is specially formulated to reduce friction inside the cylinder and between the gears for maximum efficiency.

-The Silcone grease? (Especially for Cylinder, Bearing, Bushing, or Gbb Slide)
It is made to seal the piston head to the cylinder for the best possible compression

-The Telfon grease? (AEG Gears)
It also has a high viscosity that allows it to stick to the gears to avoid being flung off while they are turning.

Weight: 20g for each Lubricants (40g in Total)
Material: Silcone Grease, Telfon Grease

Package Contents:
1) Silcone Grease x 1pc
Telfon Grease x 1pc