[MadDog] 8mm Bearing M4/M16 PICOSSR MOSFET Gearbox[Ver.2][Rear Wire]

Item No.: AA#08171

Factory Code: MD-V2GB-R

Brand: MadDog

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Item Description:
[MadDog] 8mm Bearing M4/M16 Version.2 PICOSSR Gearbox W/SV Wires[Fullset] [Rear Wired]

  • Design based on carefully selected part's, which is prepared for hi power upgrade's. Use of such part's like 8mm Bearings which is cooperating with reinforced gears for reduced resistance and greater rate of fire.
  • Full cylinder greatly extends live-spawn of the piston head o-ring as well as reinforced piston with steel teeth work's well together with metal spring guide with 8mm oiless Bushing.
Item Specification:
  • Part No.: MD-V2GB-R
  • Gearbox Version: Version.2
  • Material: Metal Gearbox, Steel Gearset
  • Bearing: 8mm, Bearings
  • Weight: 620g
  • Wire: High Performance Output Silver Wire Set [Rear Wire Routing]
  • Gears: Maddog Standard 18:1 Hard Steel Gears Set.
  • Spring: 110% Spring
  • Power (Muzzle Velocity): 390fps (Based On: 0.20g BB)
  • Piston: Full 15 Steel Teeth Piston Set.
**Not able to be used on MP5 Series, it is for M4 Series Only.

Package Includes:
  1. Full Set Gear Box x 1set