[MadDog] XCORTECH XT301 QDC Power-Up Tracer Suppressor[-14mm CCW][BLK]

Item No.: AA#10482

Factory Code: MD-XT301QDC-BK

Brand: MadDog

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[MadDog] QDC Power-Up Tracer Suppressor[-14mm CCW][BLK]

  • Xcortech/Maddog is the new Tracer module with the Power-Up Inner Baarel for airsoft AEGs/GBBr. Due to its small dimensions it is to operate in CQB.
  • This unit can light up green luminous BBs with intensity & White luminous BBs with moderate intensity. It'll fit on any AEG/GBB Rifles as well as it works with a -14mm CCW Barrel thread.
  • This suppressor is 38mm in diameter and 175mm long.
  • Flash Hider Thread is -14mm Counter Clockwise
  • Features:
  1. XT301 Can be used separately on Pistol or Rifle properly.
  2. The Power-Up Suppressor is also workable individually when taking off the XT301 Module. See the Details on the picture.
  3. The Power- Up Kit is included 90mm long Preicision 6.02mm Inner Barrel.
  4. The Power-Up Kit Has Flexible Module, in order to fitting on any Length of the Rifle's Outer Barrel.


  • Part No.: MD-XT301QDC-BK
  • Weight:350g
  • Compatibility: Any Threaded Barrel with -014mm Counter Clockwise
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal

Package Contents:

  1. XT301 Tracer Module x 1pc
  2. XT301 Pistol Adapter x 1pc
  3. QDC Suppressor x 1pc
  4. Power-Up kit x 1set